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Supply of Goods Agreement

Supply of Goods Agreement
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min

This Supply of Goods Agreement is a general supply of goods agreement and may be tailored to a range of manufactured or manually produced goods.

If compensation is payable on voluntary termination by the Customer, it is important that the compensation payable is no more than a reasonable amount having regard to the nature of the contract. If the compensation is onerous it may be considered to be a 'penalty' in which case it will not be payable.

This document is not appropriate for use where the supply of goods is in conjunction with the provision of services - see the LAWLIVE® Contractor Agreements for documents dealing with the supply of Goods & Services.

The contents of this Supply Agreement are:

1. The Parties
2. The Engagement, and whether it is exclusive or non-exclusive
3. Prices and Payment
4. Retention of Title (optional), ie whether the Supplier retains ownership of the Goods after delivery until the Goods are paid for
5. Quality of Contract Goods, ie mandatory warranties as to fitness for purpose and compliance with relevant safety standards, Codes and legislation
6. Ordering, Delivery and Packaging
7. Breach by Supplier, time to remedy the breach, termination of supply
8. Breach by Customer, time to remedy the breach, termination of supply
9. Warranty, Supplier to repair and fix
10. Termination, with optional compensation clause
11. Additional Clauses (if any, in the Schedule) to override provisions in the Agreement
12. Statutory Warranties
13. Guarantee in favour of the Supplier (optional) and
14. Schedule (to include itemisation of Goods, Prices per unit, method & terms of Payment, Price Variations (if any), Delivery details, Additional Clauses (if any).

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