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Being a small start-up company we find that individually crafted agreements are simply too expensive. But the requirements on all businesses, especially in the area of employment, mean that it is imperative that appropriate employment contracts, employee handbooks and associate documents are executed for the protection of both the comp

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Contractor Agreement: Ongoing Goods & Services (Contractor)

Contractor Agreement: Ongoing Goods & Services (Contractor)
Document Type: Microsoft Word
Build Time: 15 Min

This Contractor Agreement is suitable where you are the Contractor being contracted to supply both goods and services on an ongoing basis.

If you require an agreement for a Contractor to be engaged to perform a one-off service only, see our Contractor Agreement (customer) if you are the customer or Contractor Agreement (contractor) if you are providing the service.
If you require an agreement for a Contractor to be engaged to perform ongoing services, but not supply any goods, see our Contractor Agreement: Ongoing Services (Customer) if you are the customer, or Contractor Agreement:Ongoing Services (Contractor if you are providing the services.

This Contractor Agreement includes the following provisions:

1. Parties to the agreement;
2. The engagement of the Contractor, with option of an exclusive arrangement;
3. Price and payment;
4. Quality of contract goods/services;
5. Equipment and materials to be provided by the Contractor;
6. Time for completion or reasonable extension;
7. Term of engagement;
8. OH&S compliance;
9. Breach by Contractor;
10. Breach by Customer;
11. Confidentiality;
12. Intellectual Property;
13. Contractor Warranties;
14. Termination by either party with notice; optional right of Customer to terminate;
15. Over-riding provisions, if any;
16. Statutory warranties and limitation of liability.

Contractor Agreements are sometimes known as: Standard Contract, Contractor Agreement Form, Contractor Form, Contractor Agreement Contract, consultancy agreement.

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