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Confidentiality Agreements

A Confidentiality Agreement should be used in any situation where you are disclosing information that must remain confidential. For example, when approaching a potential partner with your new business idea you should use a confidentiality agreement to avoid jeopardising your concept.

To protect your confidential information, trade secrets and expertise from misuse, it is prudent to have a signed confidentiality agreement with every person (such as employees and contractors) to whom such information will be disclosed. Parties to the agreement may be companies or individuals or a combination of both.

Confidentiality Agreements are also commonly known as: Confidentiality agreement, Confidentiality policy, Confidentiality contract, Confidentiality document, Confidentiality clause, Confidentiality letters, Non Disclosure Agreement, form for Confidentiality, confidentiality documents, Confidentiality forms, Confidentiality contract.

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